Free Online Natives Plants Course Begins in Early January

27 Dec

NOTE:  The class is not accepting registrations at this time

Native Plants of South Florida

An Introductory On-Line Course by George Rogers and John Bradford

Open Enrollment

Free! (except for book purchase)

Register now,  befroe January 1.   Begins in early January 2015

This class was “full” but some students have not confirmed their registrations made several months ago, so we are offering those vacant seats to new registrants, first-come-first served.

16 habitat-based lessons. View the course at

You’ll need our self-published book: Guide to the Native Plants of Florida’s Treasure Coast.  To see the book, preview     the class, open Lesson 1, and click a link to the book vendor. We make no money from the book—all revenue supports       our web sites.

For each habitat type (most types span multiple lessons) you take a field trip on your own with camera in hand. We lis  suggested sites in Martin, Palm Beach, and Broward counties.

The class evolved in Palm Beach and Martin counties.  Students from anywhere are admitted, but for evaluation of the photo assignments we require residence south of mid-Florida.

There’s a quiz each lesson, and three on-line exams.

The mission is learning to recognize wild plants. There is no attention to gardening or landscaping, although G. Rogers does offer a book relevant to landscaping with natives.

To register NOW (really, now) or for more information:  George Rogers ( or John Bradford (

Why a free class? (Except that book.) Merely spreadin’ the joy.  The motive is good green fun.

This on-line class is an open-enrollment public-access derivative of George Rogers’s “Plants of Florida Ecosystems” (ORH2511) taught on-line and in the field at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens.


We have opened new seats in the class to begin in early January.

Registration is now and only now, by e-mail, first-come, first-served.

There are 16 lessons, 16 quizzes, 3 exams, and about 9 field trips.  (You are on your own for those.)

Please do not register if you can’t commit to “go the distance” in 16 weeks.

We require purchase (order now, delivery is slow) of the guidebook that goes with the class.  Go to and search for “Native Plants of the Treasure Coast.”

The photo assignments are for participants no farther north than central Florida.  We will allow others, quiz/exams only.

We do not “customize” the class to accommodate individual needs.

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